3 Investment Opportunities to Capitalize on Before September’s Positive Market Trends

Update: Data and Insights

  • Uber experiences increased rides and delivery volume in September due to the return of college and university students and the reopening of bars.
  • SoFi will start receiving student loan repayments and interest as the three-year student loan moratorium ends, leading to the resumption of loan payments in September 2023.
  • DraftKings is expected to benefit from the start of the NFL season on September 7, 2023. Its rival, PENN Entertainment, faced criticism for rebranding to ESPN BET and parting ways with Barstool Sportsbook, potentially causing confusion among users.

Update: Report and Findings

Investors have the opportunity to take advantage of three seasonal endeavors that occur every September:

  1. Investing in Uber, the largest rideshare operator, which sees a significant increase in rides when college and university students return to classes. These students can account for 15% or more of Uber’s traffic in September.
  2. Investing in SoFi, a provider and aggregator of student loans, as student loan repayments resume with interest for the first time in three years. SoFi is expecting to reach operational profitability by the end of the year.
  3. Investing in DraftKings, an online sports betting platform, ahead of the start of the NFL season. DraftKings may benefit from PENN Entertainment’s rebranding to ESPN BET, as it could lead to user confusion and potential switching to more established platforms like DraftKings.

Update: New Findings

Recent data and findings reveal:

  • Uber has seen consistent growth in its rideshare and food delivery businesses, positioning itself for GAAP profitability. It has outperformed its competitors, such as Lyft, by gaining market share and increasing its user base.
  • SoFi, a real digital bank, offers a wide range of financial services, including banking, loans, investing, and insurance. The company is experiencing hypergrowth and expects to achieve operational profitability soon.
  • DraftKings is poised for growth as online sports betting and iGaming gain momentum and more states approve these activities. With the start of the NFL season, DraftKings may attract more users, especially with PENN Entertainment’s rebranding potentially causing confusion among Barstool Sports customers.

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