Myschool CBT challenge season 9 – N500,000 cash prizes, free airtime & activation pins – see instructions

Over N500,000 worth of prizes will be given to students in this season 9 of the Myschool CBT challenge, which will commence on 14th November 2022, and continue until 19th December 2022. Here, you will get all the information you require to successfully participate and win cash or prizes in this 9th year of the competition. You absolutely don’t need to pay anything to participate. Please read all instructions below as changes have been made to this year’s competition.

This competition is held by every year, and it is the biggest online CBT contest in Nigeria where smart students get to win prizes every week for a duration of 5 weeks after commencement.

Myschool CBT challenge season 9 - N500,000 cash prizes, free airtime & activation pins - see instructions

This year, we are increasing our CASH giveaway and will be giving out at least five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) to the best students in the contest. 

We will also be gifting free activation pins plus airtime top-ups to the first 10 students on the Myschool CBT Ranking, while the next set of 10 students on the ranking (11th – 20th) will get free activation pins for the Myschool CBT Android App or Myschool CBT Computer Software.

The Contest
The primary aim of this challenge is to promote learning among Nigerian students. We’ll also be using this contest to sharpen students on how they can effectively use technology, online tools and facilities to excel in any exam they may face in future. It offers students the opportunity to learn, have fun and win awesome cash prizes at the same time. This is also our way of giving back to Nigerian students, who have used our facilities and supported us over the years. We hope to continue hosting this contest every year.

We specifically urge candidates preparing for external exams like JAMB, WAEC, NECO or NABTEB to be a part of this challenge as it will help them to quickly and easily cover past questions, as well as gain relevant experience and confidence needed to do well in their exam(s), while also winning cash prizes, activation pins and airtime recharge top-ups. This will be fun!

This year, we are adopting a new system for the way winners emerge. This will enable students to concentrate on the competition, learn more and allow a lot more students to win, instead of having the same set of winners every week.

As a result of these changes, the top 100 students on the Myschool CBT ranking stand an equal chance to be one of the winners of the grand prize for each week. Selection for this year’s winners will be done via a random electronic draw in which only the first 100 students on the Myschool CBT ranking are qualified to win. 20 winners determined by the random draw will be selected and announced each week as winners.

Even though our winner selection process is via an electronic draw, you are still encouraged to come within the top 20 students on the Myschool CBT ranking as you are sure to win airtime top-ups and free activation pins as earlier stated.

When Is The Challenge Starting?
The five-week contest will begin at 12:01 am on Monday, November 14th, 2022 and run till 12:01 am on Monday, December 19th, 2022. A list of winners will be announced and published on the Myschool website and posted as a comment on this very page every Tuesday of the week at 1pm prompt.

Who is Eligible to Participate?
This challenge is open to every Nigerian student and it’s 100% free. This means you do not need to pay anything to be part of this contest. All you need to do is become a member of the website. Click here and join for free. You need the Myschool account to access the Myschool CBT Classroom Exam. But if you are already a member, then you are good to go. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE COMPETITION. If detected, you will be disqualified from any winnings. If you had a previous Myschool account and can’t remember the login details, please retrieve your account by using this link;

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we will also be announcing winners on those platforms.

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Weekly Prizes

20 winners, randomly selected via the electronic draw, will be credited with five thousand naira (N5,000) each week. This means we’ll be giving out a total of N100,000 every week for 5 weeks.

While the 20 winners will be randomly selected for the cash prizes, the top 20 students on the ranking are sure to get the following prizes;

1st – 10th Ranking Prize = Free Activation Code for either Myschool CBT Android App or Myschool CBT Computer Software (which can be sold to anyone) + N1,000 free airtime top-ups to the phone numbers on their Myschool profile. For this reason, please ensure the current phone number on your profile is valid and active.

11th – 20th Ranking Prize = Free Activation Codes for either Myschool CBT Android App or Myschool CBT Computer Software (which can be sold or given to anyone).

Please note that any of the 20 randomly selected winners for the cash prizes, who fall on any of the rankings (1-20) stated above, will also win the prize for that rank.

Please also note that a winner’s profile can win multiple times across all the weeks of the competition. That said, it’s very possible for you to win in all weeks of the competition; a total of N25,000. Please DO NOT use multiple accounts to participate in this year’s competition. We’ll cancel all your winnings if detected. Just have fun and win!

How To Participate

1. Visit the Myschool CBT Exam Page. The direct link is

2. Read the instructions on the page, then select the “JAMB SIMULATOR” as the exam option.

3. This year, only ENGLISH is compulsory. Select your 3 other preferred subjects, and select the “FULL EXAM MODE“. Only “full exam mode” is allowed for the contest. You can select to answer questions from JAMB novel or comprehensions if you want.

4. Correctly solve the questions given to you by the system, and be among the top 100 students of the CHALLENGE RANKING, as graded by the Myschool CBT Ranking System.

****Be careful!**** Every single exam you write affects your Myschool points because the points are derived from a cumulative of all your scores. If you get a bad score, it will affect you until you get a boost when you reach a milestone. Only those using the activated Myschool mobile app will be able to select what scores they can upload when they review their exams or check through the exam history.

The more CBT you write, the more Myschool points you get, and the higher you climb the ranking. Each week, you will experience a significant boost in your ranking after you reach the following milestones;
– 4 CBT completed
– 9 CBT completed
– 16 CBT completed
– 26 CBT completed
– 41 CBT completed
– 56 CBT completed
– 90 CBT completed
… and so on. So always strive to get to the next milestone to get a boost in your Myschool points.

The system collates the raffle draw contestants (top 100) for a particular week at exactly 12:01 AM on Monday of the following week. Once you fall in the top 100 at that time, YOU QUALIFY FOR THE DRAW! If you are still writing at the time the system collates winners, you automatically fall into the new week.

Remember, the first 20 students on the Myschool CBT Ranking System for each week will automatically be rewarded with airtime and free activation codes. Always strive to come out tops every week to guarantee you win something.

Eligible Subjects for the Competition
The only subjects allowed for selection for this year’s Myschool CBT Challenge, are as follows;

  1. English Language (Compulsory)
  2. Mathematics
  3. Accounts – Principles of Accounts
  4. Further Mathematics
  5. Literature in English
  6. Agricultural Science
  7. Commerce
  8. Geography
  9. Economics
  10. Government
  11. Biology
  12. Physics
  13. Chemistry

The Trick!
The ultimate trick to be among the winners for each week is to write as many exams as possible and to score a high cumulative score to be among the top 100, in as many FULL EXAM MODE sessions as possible. The more FULL EXAM MODE sessions you can complete, the higher your chances of being among the top 100. This simply means that you gain additional points each time you practice.

Getting Your Prize
Once you are confirmed a winner of any of the prizes, your earnings on the Myschool dashboard wallet will be credited. You can then provide your bank account details and request a payout directly to that account when ready. If you wish, you can wait until the entire competition is over to cash out all your winnings at once.

The Myschool App & Software Advantage;
Oh yes, those who have the activated version of the Myschool CBT Mobile App and Myschool CBT Computer Software can participate too. In fact, they have an advantage! Many winners emerge from the app and software because these tools are faster during the exam as you don’t require the internet to load questions. This gives you more time to practice and better time advantage. You can also select what results you wish to post to the online ranking, using the exam history feature. You only require minimal internet to send your scores to the Myschool CBT ranking. To enjoy this advantage, get the app or software and activate it.

What To Do Now?
While we wait for the challenge to begin, you can start preparing by testing or practising the Myschool CBT system. If you are yet to sign up or create a free account, click here now to do so and Join the Myschool CBT Classroom. If you already have an account, what are you waiting for? Click here to start getting ready right away. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE COMPETITION. If detected, you will be disqualified from winning. If you had a previous Myschool account and can’t remember the login details, please retrieve your account by using the link;

Also, remember to follow us on all our social media handles to stay updated at our Twitter handle at, Instagram Page at and Facebook page at

Kindly note that Myschool reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this challenge at any time to ensure fairness to all contestants.

Goodluck Myschoolers!!!

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