What You Need to Know About the United Auto Workers’ Expansion of Strikes at Automakers

The expansion of the strike includes 18 GM distribution centers employing a total of 3,475 workers, and 20 Stellantis centers with 2,150 UAW members. This brings the total number of UAW workers on strike or soon to be on strike to about 18,300.

What is the union seeking?

The UAW is demanding a 40 percent wage increase over four years, matching the raises received by top executives at the three companies over the same period. Additionally, the union is seeking cost-of-living adjustments, reinstatement of pensions for all workers, improved retiree benefits, shorter work hours, and an end to the tiered wage system that pays new hires significantly lower wages.

What have the companies offered?

At the start of the strike, the companies offered pay raises ranging from 14.5 percent to 20 percent over four years. The offers included lump-sum payments to compensate for inflation and policy changes to increase the pay of recent hires and temporary workers. Stellantis proposed “job security” for 1,350 people who lost their positions at a closed plant in Illinois, a proposal rejected by the union.

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