Darbaan movie review

Welcome to our review of the heartwarming movie “Darbaan,” released in 2022. This touching film takes us on a journey of love, sacrifice, and redemption, as we witness the powerful bond between a humble gardener and a young boy from an affluent family.

Plot and Themes

Set in the post-World War II era, “Darbaan” revolves around the life of Raicharan, a caring and hardworking gardener played by Sharib Hashmi. His life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes the caretaker of Anukool, the young son of the Choudhury family. As time passes, a deep affection forms between Raicharan and Anukool, turning their relationship into something more akin to father and son.

The movie explores various themes, including the significance of human connections, the impact of social status on relationships, and the consequences of life-altering decisions. Through Raicharan’s journey, the audience is prompted to reflect on the complexities of human emotions and the sacrifices people make for those they love.

Powerful Performances

The cast of “Darbaan” delivers outstanding performances, breathing life into their characters. Sharib Hashmi’s portrayal of Raicharan is heartfelt and genuine, evoking empathy from the viewers. Sharad Kelkar and Rasika Dugal, as Anukool’s parents, skillfully depict the struggles and conflicts they face in their lives.

Director’s Brilliance

Bipin Nadkarni’s direction is commendable, as he sensitively handles the emotional core of the story. He masterfully captures the nuances of relationships and human emotions, making the film relatable and emotionally impactful. The pacing of the movie is well-balanced, allowing the story to unfold naturally, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

Visuals and Music

The cinematography by Amalendu Chaudhary beautifully captures the rustic charm of rural India, enhancing the movie’s authenticity and visual appeal. From lush landscapes to intimate moments between characters, the cinematography complements the storytelling effectively.

The music, composed by Amartya Bobo Rahut, tugs at the heartstrings, intensifying the emotional impact of the narrative. The soulful songs and background score resonate with the audience, adding depth and soul to the storytelling.

Critical Acclaim and Awards

“Darbaan” has received widespread critical acclaim and has been showered with awards and recognition. Critics have praised its powerful storytelling, exceptional performances, and skillful direction. The movie’s ability to evoke strong emotions and provoke thought has resonated with audiences across demographics.


In conclusion, “Darbaan” is a gem of a movie that touches the soul. It weaves a heartwarming tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption, leaving a lasting impression on its viewers. The film’s exploration of human relationships and the impact of societal divisions makes it a thought-provoking and emotionally enriching experience.

If you haven’t watched “Darbaan” yet, we highly recommend you do so. Prepare to be captivated by the performances, moved by the story, and transported to a world of heartfelt emotions. This movie will remind you of the power of love and the value of human connections in the most unexpected places.

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