List Of Popular Currencies In The World

List of all Pupular in the world

List of all Pupular in the world

There are many different currencies in the world, and their values can vary greatly. The most common are the US dollar, the Euro, the British pound, and the Japanese yen. There are also a variety of other currencies, including the Chinese yuan, the Russian ruble, and the Swiss franc.

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List of Currencies by Country

There are many different currencies in the world, and each country has its own. Here is a list of all the currencies in the world, sorted by country.

Afghanistan: Afghan afghani

Albania: Albanian lek

Algeria: Algerian dinar

Andorra: Euro

Angola: Angolan kwanza

Antigua and Barbuda: East Caribbean dollar

Argentina: Argentine peso

Armenia: Armenian dram

Aruba: Aruban florin

Australia: Australian dollar

Austria: Euro

Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani manat

Bahamas: Bahamian dollar

Bahrain: Bahraini dinar

Bangladesh: Bangladeshi taka

Barbados: Barbadian dollar

Belarus: Belarusian ruble

Belgium: Euro

Belize: Belize dollar

Benin: West African CFA franc

Bermuda: Bermuda dollar

Bhutan: Bhutanese ngultrum

Bolivia: Bolivian boliviano

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnian convertible mark

Botswana: Botswana pula

Brazil: Brazilian real

British Virgin Islands: United States dollar

Brunei: Brunei dollar

Bulgaria: Bulgarian lev

Burkina Faso: West African CFA franc

Burundi: Burundian franc

Cambodia: Cambodian riel

Cameroon: Central African CFA franc

Canada: Canadian dollar

Cape Verde: Cape Verdean escudo

Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands dollar

Central African Republic: Central African CFA franc

Chad: Central African CFA franc

Chile: Chilean peso

China: Chinese yuan

Colombia: Colombian peso

Comoros: Comorian franc

Congo, Republic of the: Congolese franc

Congo, Democratic Republic of the: Congolese franc

Cook Islands: New Zealand dollar

Costa Rica: Costa Rican colón

Croatia: Croatian kunaCuba: Cuban peso

Curaçao: Netherlands Antillean guilder

Cyprus: EuroCzech Republic: Czech koruna

Denmark: Danish krone

Djibouti: Djiboutian franc

Dominica: East Caribbean dollar

Dominican Republic: Dominican peso

Ecuador: United States dollar

Egypt: Egyptian pound

El Salvador: United States dollar

Equatorial Guinea: Central African CFA franc

Eritrea: Eritrean nakfa

Estonia: Euro

Ethiopia: Ethiopian birr

Falkland Islands: Falkland Islands pound

Far al African CFA franc

Gambia: Gambian dalasi

Georgia: Georgian lari

Germany: Euro

Ghana: Ghana cedi

Gibraltar: Gibraltar pound

Greece: Euro

Greenland: Danish krone

Grenada: East Caribbean dollar

Guam: United States dollar

Guatemala: Guatemalan quetzal

Guin  ea: Guinean franc

Guinea-Bissau: West African CFA franc

Guyana: Guyanese dollar

Haiti: Haitian gourde

Honduras: Honduran lempira

Hong Kong: Hong Kong dollar

Hungary: Hungarian forint

Iceland: Icelandic króna

India: Indian rupee

Indonesia: Indonesian rupiah

Iran: Iranian rial

Iraq: Iraqi dinar

Ireland: Euro

Israel: Israeli new shekel

Italy: Euro

Jamaica: Jamaican dollar

Japan: Japanese yen

Jordan: Jordanian dinar

Kazakhstan: Kazakhstani tenge

Kenya: Kenyan shilling

Kiribati: Australian dollar

Kuwait: Kuwaiti dinar

Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstani som

Laos: Lao kip

Latvia: Euro

Lebanon: Lebanese pound

Lesotho: Lesotho loti

Liberia: Liberian dollar

Libya: Libyan dinar

Liechtenstein: Swiss franc

Lithuania: Euro

Luxembourg: Euro

Macau: Macanese pataca

Macedonia: Macedonian denar

Madagascar: Malagasy ariary

Malawi: Malawian kwacha

Malaysia: Malaysian ringgit

Maldives: Maldivian rufiyaa

Mali: West African CFA francMalta


There are many different currencies in the world, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular currencies include the US dollar, the euro, the British pound, and the Japanese yen. Each of these currencies is used by different countries and has different exchange rates.

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