The History and Significance of Teddy Day in Valentine Week

The Valentine Week kicked off from the last day of the first week of February. Throughout these seven days, people express their love in various ways. The culmination of this celebration of love falls on Valentine’s Day in February. These seven days hold a special significance for couples. It starts with Rose Day, followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, and then Teddy Day.

Many wonder why Teddy Day is celebrated as part of these special days for couples. What’s the connection between love and playing with stuffed toys? If you’re curious about this, let’s dive into the history of Teddy Day, when and why it’s celebrated, and the significance of teddy bears.

The History of Teddy Day

The origin of Teddy Day can be traced back to an incident that took place on November 14, 1902, in the jungles of Mississippi, USA. The then-President Theodore Roosevelt went on a hunting trip accompanied by his assistant Holt Collier. During the expedition, Collier captured a wounded bear and tied it to a tree. He then requested the President to shoot it. However, upon seeing the wounded animal, Roosevelt felt compassion and refused to kill it. This incident was later depicted in a cartoon by Clifford Berryman, published in The Washington Post on November 16.

Why the Name “Teddy”?

Upon seeing the cartoon, Morris Michtom, a toymaker, got inspired to create a stuffed toy bear resembling the one in the illustration. He named it “Teddy’s Bear” after President Roosevelt, whose nickname was Teddy. This led to the commercial production of teddy bears, and they became immensely popular. Eventually, teddy bears became synonymous with love and affection.

Celebrating Teddy Day

Since then, Teddy Day has been celebrated on February 10th as part of Valentine Week. Many girls adore teddy bears, and gifting them on this day has become a popular tradition. Teddy bears symbolize warmth, comfort, and love, making them perfect gifts for expressing affection. Hence, including Teddy Day in the Valentine Week celebration adds another layer of sweetness and charm to the occasion.

In conclusion, Teddy Day holds historical significance rooted in an act of compassion, and it has evolved into a day of expressing love and affection through the adorable teddy bear. So, if you’re planning to celebrate Valentine Week, don’t forget to include Teddy Day in your celebrations and spread love with these cuddly companions.

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